"☮ B W/ U"

by 'Mr. Peace'

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Peace In!


released April 16, 2011

Cover Artwork & Design by Buddy Dougherty
Mixing, Mastering & Kutz by Phillip J Hawley aka "Demented"




Mr. Peace Detroit, Michigan

I'm a motivational speaker, youth minister, poet, hip-hop artist, radio host, videographer, peace activist, visionary and friend. My mission is 2 “create a world full of freedom, peace and awareness by serving others with unconditional love”. From speaking 2 youth 2 writing poetry 2 promoting peace 2 just being a friend, I strive 2 embody a life of non-violence, passion and acceptance. Peace In. ... more

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Track Name: "Global Freestyle"
“Global Freestyle” by ‘Mr. Peace’

I spit radioactive, yeah, some call it chemical
Music really moves me just like this instrumental
This here’s a lil’ cut 2 my people across the globe
A lil’ shout out 2 my friends in places, high n’ low
So Dre just gimme that Bomb beat from Bombay
As I make my way out 2 the bay in Californ-i-a
N’ that’s San Fran if u wanna get specific,
Home to my brothers Anish n’ Martini Majick
Then we head down the coast right outside LA
Where L Jesnig resides n’ it’s not too far away,
From my cuz’ DommiDogg who lives close 2 Pasadena,
Reverse up 2 Seattle 2 see Jiwon, Kadro & Rita,
Then Roach in Arizona n’ Jared from Oklahoma
N’ further north D Schaef who’s just chillin’ in Minnesota,
Movin’ along my girl, Sandy, from Saint Louis, Missouri,
But no hurry as my next stop’s 2 hang with MC Puri,
My old roomie now in Austin, yeah, that’s the heart of Texas,
Great place 2 be b4 I see the Clarks over in Kansas,
Then 2 Chi-Town seein’ Steph & E Burns, it’s gettin’ windy (UH-OH!)
So I get gusted 2 Ohio 2 spend time with the Grandy’s
Play it safe, make my rounds, visitin’ Crip & Raku in Georgia
Then Bacon, Dee, Vic, Alanna n’ Chief right down in Florida
Further east, CJ in NC, home 2 the Tar Heels (Hey!)
N’ Greed’s East Carolina Pirates 2 seal the deal,
Jet down 2 Quito 2 see Coach then it’s off 2 Sao Paulo,
2 see a great friend from Brazil, his name es Renato,
Now up 2 Boston 2 see Sohail Bala-Suburamanian,
Then onto Staten relaxin’ with my boy, Kishan Narayan,
But b4 I leave, say ‘Hi’ 2 Aaaa, then it’s, it’s overseas,
4 a trip with Wiebke n’ Johannes in Ger-ma-ny
Then England 4 some tea with me mates Doughty n’ Shandy,
End up in Spain con Marçal & Ester who be livin’ so care-free,
Just like Iggy, Mindshed, Chose In Few n’ the New Day Sun
As I leave Europe n’ arrive back safe in Michigan
With T Winowick in Westland, in Northville, got the San Man,
Grigg, K Sno n’ Pat in Novi, E Vandy in B-Birmingham,
Deschamps in the R-O-C n’ Spence in Ypsilypsi
N’ throughout parts of the thumb my hip-hop crew of D-R-P
Or how ‘bout DKG, Mroz, Hill n’ Menaksh in A-Squared?
With my b-ball friends like Saks n’ M-Bo, u know I ain’t scared!
What up Popp, Thomas, Ayers n’ P Flynn from East Lansing?
Or Siva n’ Akash from Farmington, Royal Oak got Jimmy Tu-man?
‘Nique Love reigns from the D along with my friend Chioke
N’ D Hark, Remus, B Parr n’ Professor Beltramini
While McCullie n’ Chezz stay correct out in Macomb,
Tarbets love Pinckney, Buddy Brighton, P Fresh H-Land, which is, close 2 my home
Of South Lyon, where there’s Denny, Schu, Melinda, Sarks n’ ‘Tank’
Great peeps like the Szeckzu’s in Walled Lake or the Kaufman’s in Grand Blanc
So don’t procrastinate or playa hate, let’s do this 4 the better
Gettin’ jiggy wit’ it like Will Smith, a real go getter
What? U think I’m slow pokin’? Dog, u gotta be jokin’
Like tryin’ 2 breathe without air, u can’t. Why? Cuz’ you’d be chokin’ (Cough Cough)
U got the hiccups, then here’s some Dimetapp n’ some Robitussin
Just no verbal abuse ‘cuz we keepin’ it a pristine clean with no cussin’
Toxic social forces layin’ claim 2 our thoughts n’ actions
So gimme a vaccination 2 help with this tainted, chain reaction
Otherwise I’ll OD with passion ‘til my last breath’s what I’m gaspin’
N’ I’ve given all I could 2 this game thru the wordz I’m rappin’ n’…
It’ll happen, it’ll happen, follow ur dreamz, take a chance, man…Peace.